Best Puppy Treats For Training

Best Puppy Treats For Training

Puppyhood is the time when a puppy parent bonds most with their pet. However, it is also a crucial period; it is the time for a dog’s physical and mental development.

Training your puppy with pet treats is indeed a suitable method. Not to mention, training the pets with food is positive reinforcement. Treats to your dog give them an incentive to stay focused on training.

Regardless of organic treats, you must keep an eye on the extra calories. The usage of wrong treats during puppy training may lead to excessive weight. However, there are organic treats that are extremely healthy during puppy training.

As a puppy parent, you must know which treats are the best for your pup’s health. Look at the ingredients and make a chart according to the calorie count. Let’s explore some healthy organic food treats that can help your puppy during the training.

Healthy Dog Treats for Training

Positive and continuous reinforcement is an important technique used while training a puppy. You reward your dog for the desired behavior, which is quite a common practice for dog trainers.

Whenever your puppy does the trick you are teaching, please give them a treat. However, you need to initiate intermittent reinforcement, as giving treats every time is not a good idea. Cut down gradually so that your dog gets used to the idea.

A good training treat:

A good training treat

You cannot use any of your pup’s favorite treats during training. It is recommended to use organic treats that are healthy during the training. Puppy training treats are small, and they have a lower caloric ratio.

Best food for puppy training:

When it is about our puppies, we want to ensure that we give them the best. Even if we are giving them treats, provide healthy ones. We have compiled some great recommendations for your puppy. Let’s have a look.

#1 Bully sticks

Bully sticks are a safe treat for puppies. They are not only safe but also offer health benefits. They are easy to digest and break down easily in the stomach. Most importantly, the bully sticks don’t splinter; no need to worry about the broken pieces.

A single ingredient treat is always better; bully sticks are perfect for puppy training, made from high-protein beef muscle. The sticks are healthy as beef is a complete source of amino acids and supports the puppy’s muscles.

Though your puppy has allergies, bully sticks are free from artificial chemicals and preservatives. You can get a bully stick holder, too, if you feel that your pup will not be able to swallow the piece at the end of the stick.

#2 Chicken bites

Soft and chewy chicken bites can serve as a delicious treat for your puppy. Most puppies love chicken bites, and they are healthy too.

You can also cut the chicken bites into smaller pieces to last long during the training session. Not just for the training session, you can also mix the chicken bites into the regular meal for your puppy.

#3 Duck feet

Crunchy, dried duck makes a great organic treat. The natural duck feet are a great way to satisfy the needs during a training session.

Baked duck feet are also a great option for your furry friend. Duck feet is a one-ingredient treat. Hence, it is low in calories as well.

#4 Pig ears

Pig ears are considered safe for puppies. They are made of cartilages, and soft, chewy treats for all breeds and sizes. Even if you have a puppy with dental problems, it is safe to give pig ears. Long-lasting, easy to chew, and digestible treat.

#5 Pork trachea

The pork trachea falls under the category of beef treat. They are safe to give to puppies and do not have a lot of pointy parts that can harm little pups. Moreover, the pork trachea is also considered safe for puppies with sensitive stomachs.

Picking the right food for puppy training ensures that you care about your little puppy. However, you must ensure that your dog is not gaining excess weight.

While you are training your dog—pick a healthy treat; practice positive reinforcement so your little friend can learn the trick in no time.

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