Beloved “Grandmother” Wild Horse Dies On North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Beloved “Grandmother” Wild Horse Dies On North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Hazel was a beloved wild horse that lived on North Carolina’s Currituck Outer Banks for over 20 years.

On Sunday, Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF), a nonprofit organization that protects the herd of wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs, announced Hazel had passed away.

She was one of the oldest mares on the beach and while they are not exactly sure of her age, they guess she was close to 30 years old.

She started out with a stallion named Amadeo but once he was rescued, she moved on to another harem. Through the years she had multiple offspring and enjoyed being around foals.

As she entered her senior years, she transitioned from mother to “honorary grandmother” to the foals. CWHF wrote, “(she) could be seen babysitting while their moms grazed and rested.”

After spending decades roaming the sandy shores, she appeared to pass away naturally. “There were no signs of trauma or major injury/illness,” said CWHF.

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She will live on in her offspring and in the memories of her adoring followers.

“Hazel lived and died as every wild horse should – free, and on her own terms. We will miss seeing her on the beach but take comfort in knowing she lived a great life and left a huge mark on the herd,” posted the charity organization.

Countless people recalled seeing her on their visit to the beach and posted memories and photos in the comments. Right up to her death, she was seen around this year’s foals and grazing on beach grass.

“She was laid to rest near Penny’s Hill, where she spent all of her 20+ years. Rest easy, Hazel,” concluded the post.

In order for the remaining 100 OBX wild horses to live free, people must remember to keep their distance and do not feed them. It is illegal to feed or be within 50 feet of a wild horse, and if caught will result in a $500 fine. They all deserve to live wild and free, like Hazel did.

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