Alabama Dog Survives for Weeks with A Plastic Feeder On Head

Alabama Dog Survives for Weeks with A Plastic Feeder On Head

A brave dog now at Bay Minette Animal Clinic has plenty of food, water, and clean blankets. But that’s only after spending three weeks with a plastic animal feeder attached to his head.

Just call him Jughead.

Animal Control Officer Ashlynn Hale said, “We’re not sure how long he had that on him.”He probably got it eating out of trash cans. He didn’t have a regular source of food.”

The story starts as far back as early October when Hale began receiving reports of a stray bulldog mix in a neighborhood of Bay Minette. Residents in the area spotted the dog, but Hale’s first tries to catch him were unsuccessful.

This bulldog mix was found in Bay Minette, Ala. with a plastic jug attached to his head. He’s now recovering from cuts sustained in the last few weeks. (Bay Minette Animal Control)

But about three weeks ago, residents started reporting the same dog again – only sporting the jug, which limited his vision but made him stand out, you might say.

“Jughead” may have made for an interesting sight, but he was no easier to catch, despite his limitations. The jug had a hole worn through the plastic, allowing the dog to get water and food.

Hale said she set out several large traps for the dog, which are made not to harm the animal. Hale said the trap is triggered when a dog steps on a metal plate, which encloses him inside a container large enough for two dogs, with food and water.

She set out several traps around a lumber yard and a church where the dog had been seen until she caught him. It took help from a police officer and a pair of cutters to get the jug off. Then it was on to the vet for a checkup.

“He had been able to eat and drink,” she said. “He wasn’t dehydrated. You can’t see his ribs. He has some wounds on his legs, perhaps from a fence.

Hale said he’ll probably be headed to a new home through adoption in about two weeks.

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