Adorable Halloween “Spider Pug” Takes A Walk Outside

Adorable Halloween “Spider Pug” Takes A Walk Outside

Halloween is almost here and we have a number of major decisions to make. For starters, we are wondering if we are going to dress up our pets.

Cats and dogs seem to have varying levels of willingness to play along in these instances, that is for sure. If you are anything like us, you are considering it for this year, and/or you have already done this in the past.

Those who are thinking about it as we speak would do well to check out our pal Gus the pug here. Unlike some dogs that are less than enthused about rocking a costume, Gus knows how to play the game very well. All you need to do is wear the costume and the attention will follow. Gus has got it all figured out and we are envious of him.

Photo: Max Pixel

Near as we can tell, Gus does not seem to be aware of the costume. Perhaps that is all part of the trick? Either way, he is certainly enjoying all of the attention that he is getting.

Who wouldn’t want to wear a costume when you are given all sorts of treats and attention when you have it on? This is simple mathematics at work, people.

Photo: YouTube/Sandie Samuells

Gus has made an easy decision. It’s not a hard thing to choose. His human is responsible for the costume but let’s be real here. It would not look as cool as it does without his unique ability to bring the costume to life. The humor and liveliness that he brings to the equation cannot be replaced.

That’s what makes this video such a hilarious one. The costume is meant to be creepy (a spider pug would probably freak us out in real life), but Gus is too adorable to be afraid of. Maybe they need to find a different dog if they actually want to scare folks? Either way, we cannot wait to see more of his adventures and we hope that his humans keep us fully up to date.

Photo: YouTube/Sandie Samuells

The spider pug does whatever a spider pug does, indeed. If you laughed at Gus’ antics as much as we did, you are definitely going to want to share this with all of the pug lovers in your life.

Watch the video below:

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