90 Day Fiancé: Elijah’s Attempt To Defend Alina’s Racism Slammed By Fans

90 Day Fiancé: Elijah’s Attempt To Defend Alina’s Racism Slammed By Fans

Before The 90 Days newcomer Alina is in hot water for several racially insensitive posts and viewers aren’t buying her friend Elijah’s defense.

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days newcomer Alina Kozhevnikova is in boiling hot water after fans revealed a trio of racially insensitive posts she’s written over the years, and Alina’s best friend Elijah’s lengthy post defending her is not helping out the situation. Elijah and Alina quickly went from entertaining to problematic for 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans when the duo pressured Alina’s online love interest Caleb Greenwood into immediately being physical with Alina despite his request to take things slowly. Now, Alina is being slammed for her resurfaced racially insensitive captions and fans aren’t accepting excuses from Alina or her friends.


Viewers were furious when Alina shared a throwback photo this week that included the N-word in the caption. Though she initially claimed the photo caption was photoshopped, Alina then admitted to writing the caption but claimed she wasn’t aware the word was offensive because she is Russian. Before The 90 Days fans were furious with her excuse, especially when two more offensive captions she wrote several years back were quickly revealed. One 2017 image features Alina wearing a pink sari at Dubai fashion week with the caption, “got married today. Became a 134th wife.” She also shared a 2015 caption where Alina asks for men who look like Hugh Grant since the actor is too old for her, his brother lacks his full charm, and his kids would be “kinda Asian” due to his wife. Following the controversy, Elijah hopped on Instagram to pen a long post defending Alina and saying that she is not racist.

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Reddit user U/sska18 shared Elijah’s Instagram post defending Alina. “Anybody else see this bs response? 💀🤣” the user asked. Many users were completely off-put by Elijah’s long ramble about Alina being open-minded and unaware she had been offensive at the time. “What is this word salad? I liked him but he’s giving me Farrah Abraham vibes,” one top commenter wrote. Other fans called out Elijah for coining the term “QUEETCH” (queen and bitch) when describing Alina and how despite her flaws he will always be there for her. “This is supposed to help ?” another baffled user wrote. “He’s just adding more fuel to the fire,” another commenter added.

Many Before The 90 Days fans are upset that Alina, and now Elijah, keep deflecting blame for the situation by coming up with excuses. Rather than openly admit she wrote racist remarks multiple times, Alina is trying to downplay what she said by claiming she didn’t know better due to being Russian. Alina’s refusal to take full responsibility for her actions has now lead a number of franchise fans to ask for her to be removed from the franchise. “Elijah and Alina have a very good grasp of the English language. Not only that, but they know a lot of slang/colloquialisms/internet culture,” one commenter wrote. “Dear Elijah: Pleading ignorance doesn’t excuse your little Queech for her actions and you making excuses for her makes you just as bad,” another commenter stated. Many fans slammed Elijah for trying to excuse Alina’s behavior in his long post.

Though Alina started out as an early Before The 90 Days fan-favorite cast member, she is quickly entering massive franchise villain territory. Franchise fans speculate that Lisa Hamme was removed from the franchise after she used the N-word at a Tell-All. Now, many viewers are asking for Alina to no longer appear in any upcoming 90 Day Fiancé franchise content. Furthermore, fans are slamming Alina for using the franchise to promote her music career. Many 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days viewers doubt Alina’s relationship with Caleb and believe that the American man is just not that into the singer and that Alina is using the situation for online fame.

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Source: u/sska18/Reddit, @elijah_90dayfiance/Instagram

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