12 Funny Dogs Posing With Their Chew Toys

12 Funny Dogs Posing With Their Chew Toys

What do you get when you buy interesting chew toys for your dogs? Check these funny dogs below to find out:

1. How are you doing?


2. Oh! Hello

Funny Dogs 2


3. Give me a kiss, baby…Mmuaah!

Funny Dogs 3


4. I didn’t eat ice cream; check my tongue

Funny Dogs 5


5. I’m practicing my graduation smile

Funny Dogs 6


6. Ola Señor

Funny Dogs 7


7. Time for my bed

Funny Dogs 9


8. Ready to eat

Funny Dogs 10


9. What do you mean it’s not a real burger?

Funny Dogs 14


10. Does my lipstick look okay?

Funny Dogs 16


11. Feeling crazy this evening!

Funny Dogs 20


12. Thou shalt not pass

Funniest Dog 4


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