10 Best Movie Podcasts, According To Ranker

10 Best Movie Podcasts, According To Ranker

With so much great film content out there, many have turned to movie podcasts to help them cut through the noise and keep them up to date. Now the vast community of experts on Ranker are at it again, and this time thousands have chimed in to vote on what are the “Best Movie Podcasts”.

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What makes a truly great movie podcast is one that has figured out its niche, has good host chemistry, and gives critical perspective to cinema both new and old. From comedy to horror, indie drama to superhero blockbusters, there’s a movie podcast out there for every taste.

10 Screen Fix

The Screen Fix Logo

Screen Fix has a unique approach to their podcasts in which they try to “fix” both the latest blockbusters and classic movies.

Although they post new episodes sporadically, host JC makes a valiant effort breaking down what films did wrong and how they could have corrected their mistakes. One recent episode about the Mortal Kombat reboot was particularly entertaining although quite a challenge for the host.

9 Movies, Films, and Flix

A header for the Movies, Films, and Flix podcast

Helping moviegoers stay up to date with the latest in the cinematic world, host Mark Hofmeyer keeps it real by discussing and demystifying films that others are quick to criticize.

Movies, Films, and Flix currently holds an impressive 5 out of 5 on Apple Podcasts. Each episode runs about an hour long and covers multiple topics within a single episode, from Tron: Legacy’s soundtrack to Kurt Russell’s best sleeveless shirt and everything in between.


8 The Secret History Of Hollywood

Promo shot for The Secret History of Hollywood

This podcast takes a look behind the scenes of films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, diving deep into the murky and sometimes dark history of Tinseltown.

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Listeners of this podcast particularly praise the host’s penchant for storytelling and his ability to bring to life the Hollywood icons fans know and love today. The Secret History Of Hollywood website also includes an extensive collection of reviews for classic films, from the 1930s-1950s.

7 The Big Picture

Header for The Big Picture podcast

From popular sports and pop culture website The Ringer comes The Big Picture podcast, which follows hosts Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins on their never-ending quest to review all the latest must-see films.

The Big Picture podcast features a rotating panel of experts from Chris Ryan, Shea Serrano, Van Lathan, and Bill Simmons, who speak on various topics like Oscar analysis, top 5 picks, and movie drafts.

6 To the ’90s and Beyond!

The logo for To The 90s And Beyond

With a special interest in 1990s films and pop culture plus newer films and media that were influenced by them, host Vince Leo provides literary insight and cinematic criticism in a very down-to-earth and humble style that listeners find relatable and appealing.

Relive the nostalgia of the 90s or perhaps learn something new about much-loved classics that still influence film and TV today, through Vince Leo’s easily binge-able 30-minute episodes.

5 The Rewatchables

Logo for The Rewatchables Podcast

Another hit podcast from popular sports and pop culture website, The Ringer, The Rewatchables follows host Bill Simmons as he leads a roundtable conversation on their favorite films that they can’t stop re-watching.

From its surprising film choices to shocking host opinions and provocative celebrity guests, this podcast can’t help but invite controversy and heated debate from both its hosts and the audience, which inevitably provides for both an informative and entertaining experience.

4 How Did This Get Made?

A header for How Did This Get Made

This podcast strives to answer a seemingly simple but often highly complex question “How Did This Get Made?”. This podcast is hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, who complement each other’s wit, knowledge, and charm.

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Each episode usually descends into comic tomfoolery as the trio methodically critiques and questions hilariously bad films. Since the inception of How Did This Get Made?, there have been a number of spin-off podcasts including How Did This Get Played? about comically bad video games.

3 Sweet Film Talk

A promo image for Sweet Film Talk

This podcast provides a safe space where a diverse community of film buffs can discuss the movies they are passionate about. The two hosts, Keeks and TC, are particularly noted for their delightful chemistry. Listeners feel like they are part of a group of good friends just talking about their favorite films.

Sweet Film Talk has since branched out of just movies and now discusses topics like the latest video games, TV episodes, and comics.

2 The Weekly Planet

The logo for The Weekly Planet

Covering a wide range of topics from all things “superhero”, The Weekly Planet podcast is in-depth yet accessible to even the casual Marvel fan. The podcast’s two Australian hosts have mastered the art of rambling and banter to humorous effect.

The Weekly Planet has since expanded its operation from their humble original podcast and into a podcasting empire called Planet Broadcasting, with multiple podcasts covering pop culture from every angle. Planet Broadcasting also gives back to the community through outreach and other philanthropy.

1 Lights, Camera, Barstool

The Header for Lights, Camera, Barstool

Under the motto of “A movie podcast for the common man” the Lights, Camera, Barstool podcast takes listeners on a fantastical journey through movies, food, sports, and pop culture. Hosts, Jeff, Kenjac, and Trill, have a unique chemistry and are very conversational but refrain from getting too deep into the weeds for the casual listener.

Lights, Camera, Barstool also has a fairly active YouTube page that regularly posts videos about their reviews, debates, and The Bracket episodes that attempt to answer the big questions in entertainment and pop culture.

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